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Talks and Invited Presentations

  • ‘Suffering Risks Through the Creation of New Biospheres’ presented at the Sheffield-Santiago De Compostela Wild Animal Ethics Workshop, February 2024.

  • ‘Artificial Intelligence and Existential Unemployment’ 2nd International Conference on the Ethics 
    of Artificial Intelligence, University of Porto, November 2023.

  • ‘How Many Animals Should There Be’ presented at the Sheffield Animal Studies Research Centre , University of Sheffield, April 2023

  • ‘Longtermism and Animals’ presented at The Society for the Study of Ethics and Animals (SSEA), December 2022.

  • ‘On Our Moral Entanglements with Wild Animals’ presented at the book launch for Josh Milburn’s Just Fodder: The Ethics of Feeding Animals, University of Sheffield, July 2022.

  • ‘Identity Affecting Interventions in Nature’ presented at the Wild Animal Ethics conference at the University of St Andrew’s, September 2021.

  • ‘Directed Panspermia with Gary O’Brien' Knowing Animals episode 173, August 2021

  • ‘Beneficence, Non-Identity, and Responsibility: How Identity-Affecting Interventions in Nature can Generate Secondary Moral Duties’ presented at the symposium for Kyle Johannsen’s Wild Animal Ethics, organized by APPLE (Animals in Philosophy, Politics, Law, and Ethics) at Queen’s University, Ontario, April 2021.

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